The Butterfly Program

Out of the box

When a caterpillar in his cocoon is about to become a butterfly, most of his cells die, but there are a few that kind of decide to become the butterfly.  These cell are the change agents, the ones that make the transformation happen. According to epigenetic expert Bruce Lipton, among humans there are also butterfly change agents, people who make a difference.

The Butterfly Program aims at finding those, bringing them together and allow them to really become the change agents. This capability of being a “butterfly person”  does not necessarily have much to do with academic qualifications --, more with social entrepreneurship, and even more with being able to use the deep, hidden creative core of our being.

The program offers those who have these capabilities a platform to join, interact, and bundle their talents. Finding those people is not easy, and things like IQ-tests, personality profiles etc. are little help: an intuitive approach promises the best results, and this group  is more likely to be found  in the post-“Emotional Intelligence”  and even the “Spiritual Capital” part of the spectrum.  The originality, holistic orientation, depth of understanding and at the same time the ability to see the emergent, novelty and presencing* phenomena before they are fully apparent globally, are the more important factors; this, coupled with their general existential and professional orientation, as well as their guiding motivation and passion, will serve as the principal criteria for selection.

The Butterfly Program will try to identify these out-of-the-box thinkers, doers, artists, healers and intuitives, and offer them a program that would help them to even further amplify their awareness, to better understand their true talents, and offer them the support and environment to link with similar others in a dynamic action-, project- and product-oriented environment.

This could be a worldwide project, with the help of those people who have a natural “attractor” talent, or “factor”  for those with the right “change gene”,  within the possibilities afforded by an increasingly networked world.

However, to bootstrap the project, MySTeR will initially begin with invitational workshops and mini-conferences on a national or European scale, with a fairly open format, but using innovative tools and creative technologies to help the groups focus their energy and, hopefully, develop a new multidisciplinary (and  yet, at this stage, still fairly general and replicable) methodology.  

Although the outcome of these processes cannot and should not be limited, there need to be some kind of production format. The end result of these meetings could be a manifesto, a piece of art, a new word or concept, but it has to have some form. The outcome will not be regarded as the property of the participants, but will made public and sent off into cyberspace (in conformity with the principles of Open Access, Open Culture, and the Creative Commons).  We are of the opinion that attaching material or monetary value to new concepts might at first yield palpable results, however,  in the mid-range and in most cases it also stifles the creative process. Understanding that new ideas come from and belong to the Universe is a basic tenet of the program.

Apart from the attendants, who are free to organize themselves and choose the topics to be worked on, a link with a number of renowned like-minded outside facilitators is an essential aspect of the integration expected from the Butterfly Process. Via interactive online and other media, qualified experts will be contacted, consulted and asked for feedback during the process, and regularly consulted concerning the implications of the ideas and concepts arising during the Program.



Luc Sala, June 2011, with Zarko Almuli

Butterfly à Program/Process/Project/Product