Defusing fear


Our world has become a world of terror, anti-terror, fear, anxiety, panic and the major objective for our leaders and ourselves, which is also a human call to action, should be to defuse this fear. Not denying or debunking it, but taking it serious, look at the root causes, in the world and in ourselves and deal with them. Defusing fear requires action and awareness, both are essential and we need courage to do this.


Fear has crept into the pores of our societies, our governments and into the behaviour patterns of the people and damaged the psyche of most of us. Fear for known and imaginary enemies, fear for scarcity, climate change, fear for our health, fear for our loved ones, we have fallen prey to terror. We have sacrificed big chunks of freedom, of our creative possibilities to deal with the inner and outer pressures, on the altar of fear. With chaos, uncertainty and even panic as a result, ignoring that fear is dangerous. Facing it and defusing it is different, offers new and different perspectives and solutions. Itís different from fearlessness, itís about accepting that there are good reasons for our fears and we should not be blind to that reality.


Letís deal with it! Letís deal with it in the way psychology, but in fact ageless wisdom has taught us. First become aware that the fear is not us, that itís a state of mind, of course fed by situations and circumstance, but that our deep inner core is free. Then realise that what we believe to be reality is nothing but a personal or collective belief, often a projection, far removed from the underlying truths. We can then approach the level where we accept our misgivings, our shortcoming, the wounded child that resulted from earlier experiences. Not easy, and probably a lot deeper than our material attachments seems to indicate, but a necessary step to get to see our inner core, the beautiful soul of our being. We need to see, accept and understand our shadow, and then we can proceed to clear ourselves, to appreciate that radiant center, our human and thus divine origin. We will find there the strength, the talents and resources to cope with whatever. We are standing upon the shoulders of untold generations, we are the survivors, our genes are the genes of winners, of beings that did cope with geological, climatological and other hazards far beyond what we are facing now.


Now, in other words, we need a good therapeutic session, some deep inner work, a trip to reveal to us that reality is what we make of it, that we are free to change or belief, free to acknowledge our fears and defuse them. With material means where appropriate, but accompanied with changes in consciousness, with new values and new truths where necessary.

So letís look at the challenges in this way.

And may I note, that mother Earth and father Sun seem to be warning us now for some time. Their call is sounding louder and louder, but our fears blind us for the real messages. Blaming ourselves doesnít help, dealing with the situation, developing strategies, plans and scenarioís does. Both psychologically and in reality, if the earth is warming up and faces electromagnetic disturbances of an unknown order, lets develop plans to deal with it. That will requires changes in building, living, economy, legal and maybe even ethical standards. Just saving some energy here and there is not enough; we should do that, but also prepare for far more drastic measures and situations. Not because we are afraid, but because we trust our human ability to cope with disaster, weather the storms, because we believe in being home here.




Luc Sala