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Luc Sala


The Good Sunday project


A inner world probe into our ecological solar crisis


Harnassing the vision and deeper awareness of the psychonauts, shamans and visonaries of the world



Our world is in an ecological crisis, we now feel the global warming as actual heatwaves and notice the polar icecaps melting. Apart from actually fighting for a cleaner, more energy-aware, sustainable and ecologically healthy earth, which we must take serious, we can also look for other, less obvious ways and means to deal with this crisis. In addition to looking for external measures and material changes we could try to discern what resonates with this crisis in our deep inner world and in the extradimensional world beyond our normal senses.


The Good Sunday Project (GSP), inspired by the April 20, 1962, Good Friday psychedelic experiment in the basement of Marsh Chapel, on the campus of Boston University, intends to use the psy powers (both induced and natural esp/mystical) of responsible shamans, ESP-gifted individuals and psychonauts, with internet as a exchange medium, in trying to find out more about this deeper roots of this “ecocide” or solar crisis. As mankind has always had a deep connection with the earth (and sun), many of us have experienced part of the deeper awareness and truth around our planetary evolution. The GSP tries to collect relevant data, experiences and insights concerning our relationship with the earth and the sun, as perceived in special states of consciousness.

If we believe that there is at least some other dimensional (beyond our space/time 3+1) reality, and that the sages, shamen, priests, mystics and religious superstars like Plato, Jesus, Buddha, Zarathustra, Mani, Blavatsky, Steiner and the psychonauts of all times had some access to it, maybe now, in the face of this solar crisis, it’s time to bring together the bits of awareness and insights in a methodical way. And even now, there are people who have a “special relationship” with the sun, who could provide understanding and awareness of what is happening.


The major focus of the project is the deep, esoteric relationship of mankind with earth, sun and cosmos.


As the cosmic relationship historically and prehistorically did play a role in most religions, it is interesting to see how our relationship to the sun in that (magical if you like) respect has developed over time. By looking at historical material, oral tradition, archeological finds etc. many hypothetical or even “inspired” views have developed, sometimes very detailed, but they don’t yield clear strategy in respect of the present crisis. So and this is what I propose and like your feedback about, why not ask the “gifted” ones in the world (via internet) to use their journeys to get the “akashic record” (or any other name you like for our collective memory)  information about our relationship to the sun, about the real details of Maya, Aztec, Atlantean etc. rituals, all in a kind of organized way with questionnaires, guidelines, etc. And of course this is not limited to “human” sources, there is the suggestion that other species like the dolphins have some deep understanding about this all.


We will ask “experienced” psychonauts and such people as have access to deeper layers of perception and awareness to help in two ways:

-          Via an evolving questionnaire try to find a common denominator in their perception of our evolution and origins

-          Actually design or focus their psy experiences and rituals on this theme and report on it, as individuals or in groups sessions.

The hope is that this will both yield practical results or strategies in the magical realm and At the same time increase the awareness about this solar crisis, so that more mundane efforts like using less energy also take hold.




We tend to see older religions as primitive, and I think we have misinterpreted their relationship to the sun (and in fact the whole cosmic role of humankind) as simple deification of the sun. But seemingly the aztecs and the maya did see her more a force to be appaised, a part of out wider ecosystem that needed attention. I looked into many sources like the Mother Mirra (Aurobindo) material, and there is some resonance, I personally have the feeling that we are at one end of the material/spiritual spectrum, not necessarily less or more powerful than other levels (angels, spirits. gods, whatever name we give to the otherdimensional energies) but kind of masters of the material (an area where the angels etc. have no power except through us, influencing our percenption and thought processes, which are already closer to their sphere). So that leaves a unique role for humans, but we have to find the bridge/key to influence the other realms like the "angels" do to us. One could call this magic or ritual, obviously it's based on working the correspondences or links we have.
Now given the solar crisis (the broad term i use) what would be our magical armory and path (and here the psychedelic experience might help, but other mystical and esp input is welcome too) to:

First understand whats really going on, including the deeper astrophysics and energy of the sun and its galactic position (Steiner had some notions about that), the relation between the spiritual sun (blavatsky and others) and the material sun (could it be the otherdimensional aspects of the same?).
Then secondly try to figure out what tools/rituals/magic has been used in our past (beyond history, including Atalantean etc.) in a broader sense figure out what the akashic records of the humans (or their forefathers) tell us about the sun. (i think gold plays an important role here, maybe blood, maybe just peace and our mind state, maybe the sun is just mirroring our lost sense of belonging)

Thirdly, after careful evaluation, do the magic or whatever needs to be done and that phase might be very, very tricky.

In the meantime, of course we have to fight the symptoms, but at the same time try to see them for what they are, maybe just the mirror of our human endeavors and evolutionary progress.

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