I received this piece of info about Al Gore's plans and his email promotion of ex presidential candidate John Kerry's book (at the end of this email as I send this to many more people, please distribute further).

I have been studying the solar crisis for some time, and I state, (countering present alternative thinking, I know) that Al Gore is on the wrong track, he claims Co2 causes the temperature change, but it's the other way around, the temperature is going up because of solar influences and thus more Co2 comes out (melting permafrost, forestfire etc.)  I am not alone in this, but the media are nearly all backing Al Gore's message now.
And of course we should do many things to use less energy, use alternative energy, be more aware about the ecology etc. but the means and the goal are mixed up here. Al Gore, with sweet words and ecobabble, and maybe a naive view on where this all will end, lays a guilt trip on the people, blaming us, our ancestors etc. for this crisis. Eventually the masses, if conditions get worse, will blame big industry, oil companies etc. and we might see a polarisation or worse.
In fact this is a solar crisis, we are entering a new cycle of sunspots and already the solar storms are heavier than expected, we are heaidng for a global temperature crisis and maybe even more, as the magnetic field of the earth is influenced by the sun. So although it sounds great, saving a little bit on human co2 will not save the world, this message keeps the message, that we are heading for serious disaster whatever we do, away from the public. So Al Gore is dangerous, as guilt trips lead to looking for guilty for "others" and usually the leaders and their spindoctors like Hitler or Bush will find an enemy that suits their plans.He is smart and sensitive to public opinion, as he was promoting the information highway before (not realizing it was a data highway at best and helping the internet bubble to grow to a risky size, before it collapsed in 2002). Al Gore is a good bandwagon leader, he jumps on and gets to steer it, but is he sincere?
We need, beyond the energy saving and ecological awareness issues, worldwide survival plans, technology that helps people survive in hotter, wetter, dryer or otherwise changed climates, help adapt the crops, plant other trees etc. And more awareness of our solar system, the role of the planets, the calendar systems of the Maya, magnetic shifts, etc. We might have to look for magical understanding, as "normal" science can't handle this, understanding that older civilisations might have had. Not only the Maya, but the Greek had an interesting pantheon of protective deities/planets. I noticed that on the Maya due date 22/23 december 2012, there are no clear astrological (planetary) forces at work, but this might mean that then the stellar astrology has a free play. For the mages of old stellar astrology was always more important than planetary astrology. Planets might just be the shield that protects us from the foton belt or other galactic influences that seems to bring our sun to a crisis. Of course the real message here is that “material” measures like energy saving or CO2 emission reduction are ok from an earth perspective, but quite useless for the galactic/solar crisis that is coming down. But maybe other means, more spiritual or magic, maybe looking at old civilizations like the Egyptian or Aboriginals, with a better link to the cosmos. Wasn’t the great pyramid a communication tool of sorts with Sirius, I think maybe the Pleiades is were we have to look this time.
Now Gore, whose history as a politician is less "holy" than he wants us to believe, is pushing John Kerry, of all people (skull&bones, remember), as his aide and cofighter in this propaganda war. Don't you see it, Al Gore is heading for the most powerful position the world has ever known, president of the all-powerful world ecological council (or similar wording) and is already positioning his running mate. This new order uses the crisis of the day to establish world government and probably will get unanimous acclaim and support and unheardof powers.

So be aware!

Greetings and love
Luc Sala   ( www.mindlift.tv and www.heavenonearth.nu)

From Al Gore....

A few weeks ago I read John and Teresa's book, This Moment on Earth. I found the stories within, about men and women fighting the great fight for our environment, to be a profound challenge to all of us. These activists provide valuable lessons on the power of people working for change. If we embrace their resourcefulness, determination and essential patriotism we will prevail in the fight to save our planet.

I was inspired by their work, and I know you will be too. You can purchase a copy of This Moment on Earth at your local bookstore or by clicking here:

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The book comes at an important time, a vital moment on Earth.

Right now our nation is ready to cross the tipping point beyond which our leaders will be forced to take real action to solve the climate crisis. However, in order to cross that threshold it is going to take a sufficient expression of political will.

Most of our Representatives in Washington know there is no longer a debate about the fact that the climate crisis is real -- and they know the serious consequences our planet faces if we fail to act. Political will is a renewable resource, and enough already exists to start solving this crisis. We just have to communicate that forcefully to the political leaders of our country.

As John and Teresa's book demonstrates, the most powerful way to realize that change is through the activism of the American people.

That is why a few months ago I began building a movement at AlGore.com. Already we have grown to a community of more than 550,000. In order to ultimately succeed we will need to grow even bigger.

Today I want to invite you to join our movement to solve the climate crisis by visiting:


For many years, I have worked with John Kerry and Teresa Heinz Kerry to fight for a solution to the climate crisis -- way before it was fashionable. Indeed, they were providing outstanding and courageous leadership on these vital questions when very few people in the world were even paying attention to these challenges. This commitment continues in their important new book.

I urge you to join me in working for change. And I urge you to read John and Teresa's wonderful new book for moving and inspiring illustrations of the potential power of Americans working for a better planet. Together, we can create a better tomorrow for our Earth if we seize this vital moment.

Thank you,

Al Gore