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Volunteer video exchange project

The year 2001 has been dedicated as the UN International Year of the Volunteer with many activities worldwide. The purpose is to increase the respect for volunteer work and improve contacts etc.

In that respect, media coverage of the volunteer subject matter seems an excellent way to spread the interest in volunteer work and what follows is an general idea to increase media attention for volunteer projects.

There is no doubt a lot of video-material in various countries, with numerous NGO's, etc. that would elucidate the volunteer work, the concepts and idealism behind it and would promote the genral idea of volunteer cooperation. Not specifically oriented or produced for the International Year, but generally supporting the goals of the IYV. It would be great if this material could be shared by broadcasting organisations, national committee's etc. and the modern technology, notably the inexpensive DV-tapes offer adequate quality for most broadcast applications. Maybe not for the top-notch national TV broadcasters, but surely for smaller operations, community TV, public access and the low-budget broadcasting operations in many countries. These would welcome any material, provided it is in an accessible languange (English would do, but also Spanish etc.), without copyright obligations (music!) and in a "friendly and non-political"format.

By establishing an Internet database of available material, notably TV-documentaries about volunteer work, and setting up an exchange system for these documentaries national or local broadcasting organisations, public, commercial and public access would have access to more "content". Modern technology like DV format video would allow for copying and delivery of such video material at a marginal cost of 15 to 20$ per hour material.

Present status:
This project has been initiated by mr Luc Sala and has received adequate support to help it beyond the early stages.

Following the Volunteer Conference in Amsterdam (Jan 2001) the idea was developed by local television station Kleurnet of Amsterdam and presented to the UNV-staff present (teamIYV) at that conference. The material about this conference, interviews etc. already consisted of several hours of TV-programmes (mostly English language) and has been handed over to the UNV-staff in Bonn. In principle this material on DV PAL tape is available at a nominal charge (tape plus mailing say $15 a DV tape) from Kleurnet. see

As a follow up Kleurnet is actively seeking to acquire more volunteer-related material from various countries and organisations and has apponitend mr. Sanne Couprie project manager for this programme. There is no doubt much interesting material that would carry the message of the International Year of Volunteers, especially with a small leader indicating: "This program results from the Share-your-world video exchange project, with website etc. ".

Kleurnet has available some 30 program-items (database is growing) about volunteer projects in many countries, most of course in the Netherlands, some about health camps and Rhino-projects in Nepal, some from China and makes its material available free of copyright charge for this exchange program, ordering via sala@euronet, see for details about programs (Share your world) or contact the program manager Sanne Couprie.

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