Lucidity: bridging the inner child-mask gap

by Luc Sala

version 1.1 jan 2011 working material- not finished


We are mostly well aware of what we call our personality, our outward behaviour patterns, our ego that we think defines us, we are our ego. There is, however, also a deeper layer in our psyche, which some indicate as our self, higher self, the inner flame, the core, but here we will call it our (inner) child and refer to the outer layer as mask or masks. This is a generalisation, the make-up of our psyche and its inner and outer world manifestations is rather more complex, but as a working model the child-mask image serves our purpose, which is to outline an approach and model to shed light on the differences between child and masks(s) and how they are the cause of many a psychic and somatic issue. This light (hence lucidity) of understanding and awareness is normally not obtained  following  the classical methods of the medical profession of our age, the doctors, psychiatrist and psychologist, simply because they lack the tools to qualify and quantify the differences. Many therapist do understand the importance of the distinction between child and mask and in nearly all traditions the goal of not identifying with our ego, personality or mask is clearly stated: let go of your illusions and projections.



As a very general model I see the inner child as (the outer part of) the core of our being. One could see it as the design we bring with us to this world at birth (or at conception), as the original message contained in our DNA, the choice of parents and place and what can be seen as our karma. As we then develop, we very soon start with the defence and adaptation program that then becomes our personality, our ego, that what we believe we are. Usually  this is an effective way to deal with the circumstances and situation we were born into, we could not do without our ego.Yet this personality, with traits, drives, behaviour and limitations, is different from and in most people not well connected to the original blueprint, the inner child. Sometimes we develop more personalities or subpersonalities, usually because of traumatic experiences, like abuse, accidents or diseases and I tend to describe these as additional masks, again a workable generalisation.


So we have in this model two (or more) modes or in computer terms two software programs, running the same hardware. Although I detest the notion that the human mind is nothing but a meat computer, the idea that the same body (with many automatic programs) has different but internally consistent ways of interacting, reacting and dealing with the world is useful. I go a bit further than the commonly accepted in stating, that the same body (and automatic and autonomous systems) by being in these different modes not only displays different responses, but is a different person or personality with its own IQ, sexual preference, ultimate goals, level of happiness, social patterns, responses and needs, but also with shortcoming, malfucntining and diseases specific to that personality or subpersonality. In short, the outer personality and the inner child state are not two superficial different modes of being, they are fundamentally different. Again the comparison with a computer running different operating systems is helpful.


Now I believe, that the fundamental differences between child and mask are the cause of many, if not most, disfunctioning in body and mind. Understanding those differences is a first step in trying to see what they cause and this leads to diagnosing and eventually come up with suggestions for remedy or therapy. Becoming aware of the differences and their roots in one's life or past is a very important proecess. Most if not all ailments, syndromes or problems are symptoms of disfunctioning, only if we find the root causes can we really do something.


Now one could make a nearly endless list of personality traits, of functional parameters and characteristics that could differ between child and mask or masks. Obviously there are indicators that are more practical, general and indicative than others, but let me first indicate how we can find out the parameters. For the personality and therefore the most prevalent mode of being this is not so hard, one can test, measure, gauge all kind of things, from blood pressure and white bloodcell count and MRI scan to IQ, social adaptability, sexual preference, etc. All kinds of psychical and psychological data can be obtained, albeit at sometimes substantial cost in time and money. The problem with all these data, anyone who has gone through the medical system knows this, is the interpretation, who defines what is healthy, what is ill, what is disease and what is normal. The normal (allopathic) medical world can do a lot, but is in fact limited to data (and remedies) that emerge from just the masks modes of being. Obtaining data from the inner child mode is possible, and sometimes one unintentionally does get these data because patients are drugged into this child mode or due to disease, accident regressed into that state. Normally there is, however (and apart from some inner child work specialists) no attention given to the parameter differences between child and masks. As I believe those differences are the most common cause for malfunctioning or complaints, the question is how we can gauge those differences.


Dowsing, divination, intuition

There are ways of obtaining data, that are not widely accepted in scientific circles or the medical world, but will yield reproduceable and significant indicators about the physical and psychological state of a person. Apart from the intuition and the talents of an experienced doctor, who kind of knows or feels what a patient radiates, there have been developed over time alternative methods like kinestetics, Touch for Health, Radionics or all kinds of dowsing or divination methods. Often these are classified by sceptics as mere superstition and fraud, but they do yield results that are reproducible. The alternative medicine world uses these techniques a lot, and they help to understand the condition of the client, even as one accepts that the results are easily tainted by projection or prejudice.

I personally use a pendulum in what I see as resorting to the intuitive level of perceiving or “knowing” to dowse those characteristics that in my opinion might play a role in the condition of the subject. I accept other ways of obtaining those data, like using measuring devices that gauge subconscious and autonomous responses like galvanic skin response, but have worked with a pendulum long enough and with so many people, that it has become a fast, consistent and efficient method to “see” and measure in adequate detail.

Now the advantage of using an intuitive method like dowsing is that one is not limited to obtaining data about the mask, but also about the inner child and this opens the possibility to compare. Also there are no limitations of time, one can dowse characteristics as they were before, even for dead people, find averages, peaks, can correlate them, it's a miraculous way to work. I have done this for many years and with many people and gradually developed a kind of shortlist of characteristics that were most significant and useful in diagnosing the root problems. This shortlist, amended, expanded and rearranged many times, has evolved into what I call the Lucidity profile; this is a matrix that compares a number of essentials for the inner child, the mask and if applicable the subsequent masks. Not every item on that shortlist or profile is relevant for a given person, in the sense that a substanntial difference is detected between mask and child. We often need more detail and further specification, but as a general status instrument it works well and of course is not a static instrument, but evolves.


The difference, not the data is what matters

By dowsing the data to make up the Lucidity profile one has to be careful, the danger of projection is always there, and as the best and most trusted data have to come from the intuition level of the dowser (one could again say from his inner child) this is not something that goes very well with people close to oneself. There has to be some kind of link, either in the form of personal contact or via an intermediary (someone close to the person), but it works best if there is no prejudice, no prior judgement.

The data obtained are very much related to what the dowser feels, knows or senses about a specific item. Take IQ, there are many tests and even those have to be updated every few years, as the test battery becomes familiar, there is a kind of inflation in IQ-scores. So the numbers obtained are what the dowser (in the subsequent profiles thus me) intuitively calibrates. For me, a university level IQ is around 126, and the highest IQ score I have seen is 156 (Leonardo da Vinci) and the premise that the average IQ is 100 doesn't apply anymore, at least for the Netherlands, a functioning citizen these days needs to have at least an IQ of 114 (I presume that worldwide 100 is still the average). Also the notion of IQ is limited, it's only an indication of the rational and logical, other things like social quotient, spiritual awareness level, sensitivity, connectedness etc. play a role, and all humans come with a full deck, I believe, even as they are labelled different.

I use numbers and quantitative data, although for the purpose of finding the important differentials it would probably suffice to indicate whether there is a significant difference. The disadvantage of quantitative data is that the client is easily triggered into disputing the data, thinks him or herself more intelligent, happy, healthy or whatever and quarrels about what everything means. On the other hand, some leeway in how hard the data are usually leads to a meaningful discussion about what is at stake and becomes part of the awareness process that the Lucidity Program in essence is.

Apart from the numbers, there are a number of indicators that require a label, that can come from a list or in some cases has to be found intuitively.


An initial Lucidity profile (with only one personality) looks like this:



Inner Child


How much in this mode



Where in this mode (location/activity)



General health



Spiritual frequency (awareness)



IQ Intelligence in this mode



Social Quotient






Main cause of unhappiness



Chakra Focus (main energy focal point)



Weakest Chakra



Breath rhythm/tempo



Weakest organ



Purpose of life



Main problem/talent



Magical awareness (power over reality)



Sexual Awareness



Sexual orientation



Sex-love coupling



Sexual realisation



s/m tendencies









Depression tendency










The items on this list need some explanation.

To start with the time, most people spend very little time in the inner child mode. Only in dreaming, under severe stress, in case of disease or when having sex one normally let go of the mask and reverts to the inner child mode. However, with meditation, certain exercises, concentration and with certain (psychoactive) drugs one can enter into this state. An average person is only some 2-5% of the time in his child state. For people who have a higher proportion of time in that mode, there are usually places or situation where that state is more common, like in the garden, during meditation, some sport, when painting or singing. When there are more (sub)personalities and thus more mask-states, the same applies, there are times and situations where the one personality prevails. This can be at home, at work, maybe when with a certain person or during certain activities. This can give a good indication for where this mask originates.

A good point to start is also looking at the general and the psychological health. This normally will not be more than a few percent off from the healthy 100% score, but a difference in child and mask indicates were the root of the affliction comes from. When a health problem is more in the child than in the mask, it indicates that the problem lies in the genetic or karmic load, and is usually harder to cure. Problems in the mask or masks have their roots in trauma's, events or accidents in that mask state and are usually easier. Here we come across the notion, that inner child problems can only be addressed in the inner child mode. This was well understood in the shamanic tradition, where both the client and the shaman have to get into a trance state (inner child mode) to see and heal the problem.

The spiritual awareness frequency or level is the first of the more esoteric indicators. It indicates at what cognitive level (6th chakra) one understands the spiritual, and the numbers indicate at what chakra level that is. There are other similar indicators with the same numbering approach, like the sexual awareness (second chakra), the magical/power awareness (3th chakra) and they sometimes differ in child and mask, also these indicators give a general idea about where a person is in his development.


Again it has to be stated, that the absolute readings are not so important, it’s the differential between child and mask(s) that causes the problems and offers a starting point for further diagnostics and therapy.


More explanations will follow, as this is an ongoing project:


As an example here is what I see of Steve Jobs (Apple):


Lucidity profiel Steve Jobs

                                                innerlijk kind   ego/masker                 explanation and possibilities

Percentage time





Prefer. location









110 = nl normal  124 college 126 = university

Soc Quotient




100 = normal

Spirit freq.




chakra 1 = 0 chakra 4 = 60

Health alg

Nu 0



100% = perfect

Sexual awareness




chakra 1 = 0 chakra 4 = 60

Magical awarenss




chakra 1 = 0 chakra 4 = 60







karma 250

step father100%



Zwakste chakra










Feeling happy

 looking for






0-100 scale






Depression tendencies





Sexual orientation

99% hetero

99% hetero


0-100 scale

Sexual potential










Normal plm 11000

Normal 3000

Normal 2500






purpose of life





sex/love coupling




100% is total coupling