MySTèR Renting Space

Spaces in MySter Kalvertstudio at Singel 459, Amsterdam MySTèR are available for events like workshops, congresses and expositions. If you wish to organize an event here, please note the following conditions.
We basically charge 20% of the event price,(minimum 50 euro) which the exception for some events that are free don't have to pay us either.
Prepayment of 50% of the rent in cash or on giro account 4922651 of Sala/MySTèR. A receipt will be made for each time you rent space here, and recorded in our bookkeeping. Due to restrictions laid on us by the city government the amount of noise should not be too high, but we have little problems as we are high over the city, we can even allow some drumming, no drumming after 12 though.

Spaces will be presented clean and are expected back to us that way as well. Available on-site objects like chairs, tables and so on are included in the rent. Arrangements for coffee, tea, lunches and others need be settled separately with us and are in principle our business. An internet PC, copier and fax is available from the office.

MySTèR retains the right to refuse entrance or remove visitors.

For long-term contracts separate settlements are available.

Equipment can also be rented. It includes

Since MySTèR is a busy place where other activities are held, it is possible that your activities may have to be adapted somewhat to ongoing events, so that they will not interfere with each other.


Since we used to have our own small local TV-channel ( and still do some hours every week on local cable) we have adequate equipment for video-registration and editing, titles, mixers, plus lighting, sets etc. to produce video's in DV and DVCam quality. These are suitable for broadcasting and multiplication, we have done productions about massage, shamanism, many interviews and this is one of the very special features of Myster.
our tel: 31-20-6383583 or 0654987876 fax 4211267
our e-mail :
These conditions are subject to change without prior notice. No rights can be claimed from this information. MySTèR will not be held responsible for any personal damage caused due to or during the rent of space.
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