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Bill Gates' Rave Chart (HDS) as analysed by Joost Janssen.

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When we take a look at Bill's mind we first of all see that he is curious and that he needs to search things out. He is also very much a man of ideas and he can be very stimulating and genial in expressing them. In fact, expressing his ideas and thereby attracting and inform the uneducated is is his unconscious main theme for the second half of his life, which starts around 40 (midlife-crisis).
It is no coincidence that 'the road ahead' was published at the age of forty! Launching one idea after the other is (unconsciously) also his way to overcome a sense of boredom. The Mind is first of all there for communication and by design Bill Gates cannot always directly act upon his own ideas because usually he does not have the energy to. Either the movement of the planets or the design of the people in his own circle have to provide the missing link.


Bill Gates also possesses an 'Inner Ear' and it is the only thing that he really listens to. It protects him against judgments and interference of others. The 'Inner Ear' is also about unique insights and because they are strictly individual and can evoke condemnation, it takes sometimes courage to stand behind them. He has to have the patience to stick to his mental habits and unique thought processes and to let the insights mature. He might be tempted to express them to soon when an opportunity arises.


Bill Gates is opinionated and his opnions are mainly about expressing the value of (not) being organized and interdepency. (No man is an island)

It is important to note that Bill Gates, by design, usually cannot express his opnions in detail. When you ask him to substantiate an opinion he ultimately is forced to express it as an idea which is abstract in nature and does not need any back up. Ideas are not facts, they are an adventure. The same is true for his insights. Unique insights should be imparted as a unique knowing, yet Bill can GENERALLY not do this. Whatever opinion and whatever insight he has, he has to convert them into an idea, which is not the natural outlet. Where Bill would like to say 'I think' (opinion) or 'I know' (insight) he is forced to come up with 'I believe' (idea). Whenever Bill Gates expresses an idea it might be an opinion or insight in disguise.


In the social realm Bill makes selectively contact, yet, after a while he puts an end to caution and he expresses to others the need for social interaction. In this respect he may be a voice in the wilderness and it was the unconscious main theme for the first half of his life.


The conscious main theme for the first half of Bill's life was about making money and gathering wealth in cooperation with others. On the other hand he also might sometimes refuse the material techniques of others and rebel against conformity.

Privacy, secrecy and reflection

Bill Gates is someone who flourishes behind closed doors. He enjoys being alone and he is able to revitalize and to let go in retreat. In reflecting on past experiences he is sometimes able to go through a whole range of feelings and to finally recognize through one single feeling that is of importance.


He has leading capacities and he derives his influence by doing what he says. He also has the kind of leadership that takes some time to manifest. This means that he might have plans and ideas in his head that nobody knows about, yet in the end they might come out and effect the outside world.


Bill Gates has an unconscious drive to express himself in a creative way but in expressing his taste he tends to apply energy to trivial considerations and he will always be afraid of not having enough skills.

Memory and Ego

Bill Gates is someone with a big ego, but big ego's are not necessarily strong. They can survive better when their memory is complete. Big ego's tend to manipulate their memory and some people by design even need to forget in order to maintain themselves. For Bill Gates the stars have laid out a different path. In order to survive it is important that he takes into account the experiences from the past. Learning the lessons from history and maturing through experience in anticipation of the future will be the conscious main theme for the second half of Bill's life.

Intuition and survival

Survival requires that you hear everything in the Now and for that Bill Gates is equipped with an 'Existential Ear'. It is about intuition and the fear of tomorrow: will we survive tomorrow? The Existential Ear is rooted in the spleen which was the first awareness system in our evolution. In order to survive better Bill Gates should pay fully attention to his gut feeling. This is not an easy lesson. By design he can usually not act directly act on his intuition and it speaks only spontaneously in the Now and then never again. There might be a tendency to treat the intuition superficially.

Holding on.

Bill Gates is an intuitive 'gambler' and risk taker. In the struggle of life he hears what he really needs to hear and he intuitively knows when to exploit opportunities. Bill Gates' design is very much about holding on and keeping one's grip.


There is an unconscious need for continuity, businesswise and private. Dealing with change in a calm manner is not easy for Bill. When continuity is disrupted he sees it as a proof of meaninglessness and he can get depressed or deluded.

Values, nourishment and caring

Personal values are important for Bill. In maintaining them he might face opposition but overcoming adversity will make him feel strong and healthy. Bill Gates also has a strong nourishing influence on the people of his own 'tribe'.
In fact, he finds stability (conscious grounding) in caring and natural sharing of attained abundance. He should take care to nourish those who really deserve it and avoid indiscriminate sharing.


Bill Gates also has the power to persevere. In approaching difficulties he follows a straight line which sometimes may be observed as inharmonic and aesthetically crude. This may cause overcautiousness on his side. He also tends to extend his resources and bite off more than he can chew.


When we look at Bill Gates' design we see several items that come up several times: interdepency (or not) and dealing with opposition. We can characterize him as a responsible leader, private and socially cautious. He is inquisitive, persistent, creative, rich in ideas and he knows how to maintain his position in the computer-branche.

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