Human Design System

The Human Design System is a revolutionary system for personal growth integrating astrology, I-ching, special natal charts (raves) and the new physics (neutrino's)

Examples (note, these are some 60K large):
Bill Clinton - Bill Gates - Otto von Bismarck - Adolf Hitler - Albert Einstein - Helmuth Kohl - Paul McCarthy - Herbert von Karajan - Fidel Castro - Jeltzin - Osho (Baghwan sri Rajneesh) - United States of America - Luc Sala

Persoonlijke ervaring met HDS
HDS uitgelegd in het Nederlands


In January 1987 the Human Design System came into the world. "If I hadn't received something logical, empirical, I never would have told a single soul about that experience. " Ra Uru Hu     

IT REQUIRES NO FAITH OR BELIEF to assure its effectiveness. All of our planet's great teachers have reminded humankind that it is the Gods and not they, who are in charge. The Human Design System proves it. We have no choice.

IT IS THE FIRST TRULY GLOBAL ANALYSIS SYSTEM. It synthesizes the two great families of sciences: the contemporary disciplines of physics, astronomy, genetics and biochemistry with the ancient systems of astrology (Western and Eastern), the I'Ching, the Chakras and the Kabbalah. It is through its unique form, the Rave Body Graph, that this database can be synthesized and its meaning understood by everyone of any age, graphically, accurately and easily.

Through your individual design you will discover what in you is defined and trus worthy, and where you are vulnerable and why. The Human Design System is an adventure in selfdiscovery. Through the book incorporating the Rave I'Ching and the Rave Ephemeris of Body Graphs, your individual Human Design can be revealed. To know your Design is to understand how you connect to others and to the changing world around you.
To know your Design is to see yourself as you are, here, in the now. It will make a difference in your life to face acceptance.

 "You are unique. You have no choice. love yourself," says Ra.

     RA URU HU was born in Montreal, Canada in 1948. He has an eclectic background: as an educator, in both arts and science on two continents; as an entrepreneur, in publishing and media; as an artist, poet and storyteller, musician, composer and performer; and foremost, as a thinker and teacher. Ra's diversiry was dramatically focused and fused through what he describes as his life's "science Fiction" cycle, a seven-year mystical transformation whose climax was the receiving of the Human Design System, whole and in detail, from a "voice" over a period of eight days and nights.
Years of research and extensive practical application have proven the value and benefits of the Human Design System. Ra makes no claim. He is dedicated to sharing the knowledge and allowing the system to speak for itself. Now in over forty countries, the Human Design System is making a difference.        


Each Rave chart has Four components:
the data base, the astrological information of the two calculations translated into hexagrams and lines of the I'Ching; the list of channels identifying all gates and channels; the calculation dates; and the Individual Design Body Graph.             
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