The Serenity program

Many of us strive for higher levels of consciousness and realize, that although we can know a fair bit about ourselves, much remains hidden. Developing one’s  awareness is a lifelong project, but participating in rituals, ceremonies, workshops, and group meetings helps to explore those hidden depths and can, at times, help us reach new levels.  There are many traditions, routines, and paths that evolved over time that can help us reach these levels of awareness, but very few of these are really well adapted to the present culture, lifestyle and the ethics that have developed within it.

The many paths we all have encountered in our lives have all had a significant  impact, and contain important lessons and deep truths in them, but usually also a superficial and rationalized layer that tends to become institutionalized:  we become a Breathwork, Enneagram, Matrix, Santo Daime, Landmark, etc., person, even more so if it becomes our livelihood.  We then easily become the prisoner of the path and it is not easy to go back to the deep truths that initially attracted us to the work. Letting go of the “spiritual” programming and being free to receive the core message is the real challenge.

The Serenity program aims at offering participants a way to integrate the core essence of all these ancient and exotic techniques and teachings in a setting that also honors our modern way of being and relating, towards a quiet but powerful level of self-aware natural being and in some cases also leadership. By experiencing different levels of consciousness, in oneself and in others, we grow towards greater acceptance and a serenity that is effective in dealing with the perturbations in our inner and outer world of sensations, perception, cognition, and emotions. 

Serenity works with all techniques and methods that would resonate in the group, but aims at a calm re-digestion of their core lessons, with the help of what we could call a “virgin” use of plant teachers, nature, our body and our senses; the process will, ultimately, give each individual participant a reappraisal and renewed sense of the personal quest.

The actual formats consists of weekend, evening and longer meetings, usually around a specific theme, with a number of carefully chosen facilitators.

The program assumes you are fairly familiar with the broad palette of bodymind techniques and disciplines practiced in the West over the past few decades, in fact it is expected that you have an adequate level of experience and/or expertise in some of these fields, so that you could actually teach, assist or guide in processes of this kind.

Participation is on a invitation-only base, the cost is 150 euro per weekend (incl. food/lodging) and the venue will be near Venlo. Four weekends will be 500 euro all together, as we like to have a committed audience.

Info: Zarko Almuli      email   Prinsengracht 688 hs 1017 KZ Amsterdam




The basic serenity modules


All modules are centered around a deep meditative experience with the Serenity Teacher Plant , there will be a theoretical focus, but the experiential exercises are most important.


A:  you and yourself (October 7- 9, 2011);

exploring the layers and mechanisms of your self-preservation model, your personality/ ego and beyond those reaching for the deeper layers, the inner child and the higher self

Theoretical focus: inner child, layers of defense

Tools: silence, guided meditation, dance, ritual

Experience focus: inner world exploration, building the inner temple

B: You and the other (October 21-23, 2011);

relationships, mirroring, blind spots, enneagram, tag clouds

Theoretical focus: enneagram, Jung, Platonic horses

Tools; massage, inner child dark room exploration (no sex), floating, masks

Experience focus: body awareness, touch, radiation and aura

C: You and the Cosmos (November 4-6, 2011);

Theoretical Focus: Quantum Physics, Cosmology, Zero-point Energy, Morf-fields

Tools: Astrology, Human Design System, skygazing, simple magic

Experience Focus: experiencing emptiness, creating your world in artistic ways, magical powers

D: You and Nature (November 18-20, 2011);

the quest for your nature connection

              Theoretical Focus: archetypes, the “other” senses

                Experience Focus: making connections with nature, animals, plants