Tribes of magic



In our day and age the old tribal awareness, once rooted in genetic and ethnic connections, is changing, people feel a tribal connection based on common cultural patters, shared expressions like music, literature, sports or just common interests. The internet and its social networking opportunities enhances this trend. So there are tribes of people interested and active in this or that hobby, activity or subject.


A special kind of tribal awareness, and one that has deep roots in many indigenous cultures, is the shared feeling that a tribe shares a magical understanding, a sacred and to some extent secret core. We can call these the tribes of magic.


This magical feeling goes beyond the religious, it has to do with the spiritual connectedness to the all, with nature, the earth, with the notion that we are all one. Anyone who has experienced the deep connection of indigenous and sometimes age-old tribes understands this, but magical tribes have also developed in our modern world. In many forms, sometimes diametrically opposed to current values, like the Cathars then and the Hellís Angels now, sometimes hidden in remote locations like the Essenes then and religious sects nowadays.


What matters is to acknowledge the magical, apart from ethical or moral values, to honour the sense of connectedness, with each other and the wider all. Especially as this sense of connectedness is suppressed, antagonized, often deemed illegal or criminal, this sometimes leads to resistance, revolution or deviant behaviour.Tribes of magic in that sense are often repressed and deemed anti-social and their members prosecuted and worse. This polarisation

- and history is full of examples, the Cathars are but one example - actually enhances the tribal feeling and group cohaesion, a common enemy unites like nothing else.


The value of the tribes of magic is that they often, not always, preserve deep knowledge and wisdom and maintain a connection with the past, with traditions in danger of disappearance, with perennial understanding lost in our material affluence.


Magical tribes are the salt of the earth, and there are many different salts! The Christiania people and the Ruigoord folks, coming together in July 2008 in Copenhagen, both are magical tribes and will have the opportunity to share and exchange the magic they carry!


A meeting of the tribes of magic, not aimed at convincing each other or the world, but just celebrating the diversity, respecting the variance of beliefs, rituals and worldviews is a great way to spread the message of tolerance and respect the world needs, today as ever.

It can also help individual tribe members to learn from others, to widen their view, to become a global and yet tribal human being. The quality and influence of any tribe depends on their common good, but also on the level of awareness of the individual members.



June 12st, 2008