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The Mindlift Power Stick: a special magical tool


Magic wands are and have been one of the essential tools of the would-be and the serious adept of magic and sorcery. They exist in many forms, many sizes, in many traditions and are made from a myriad of materials. Some are said to have enormous powers, others are just very beautiful, very exquisite or made of very rare or fetish materials. They are described as wands, power sticks, staffs, totems or sceptres, and usually the owner has a special kind of attachment to them. But whatever the purpose, whatever the qualities, whether you are waving your wand to enforce your will or just using it as a prop in the home altar or as a jewellery piece on the coffee table, magic wands are fascinating items. We offers you a selection of wands and sticks  under the brandname Mindlift Power Sticks (MPS) and provides you with an opportunity to learn more of these magical instruments.


Magic wands serve as ritual implements and are also used for healing and they have a number of symbolic meanings or correspondences. In Reiki and other forms of energy healing the crystal tip and ball, at the ends of the wand can have great healing power in the hands of the right bearer (owner/practitioner). Its use is sometimes geared towards specific illnesses or ailments, sometimes of a general nature. How to use such a wand is a matter of practice, inclination and talent, and the effectiveness may grow over time and with experience. Intention, dedication, concentration and trust in the power of the universe as represented and symbolised by the wand, is essential.



The use of a wand or stick of course goes back to the earliest humans and even many animals use sticks to get their food, poke their ears, picking up a stick in the woods is quite a natural thing. Over time the stick became a weapon, a support, but also a sign of authority as the baton of a conductor, the staff of a military (field)-marshal, the sceptre of a king. A wand usually consists of a thin, straight, hand-held stick of wood, ivory, or metal. Generally, in modern language, wands are ceremonial and/or have associations with magic but there have been other uses, all stemming from the original meaning as a synonym of rod and virge, both of which had a similar development. In ecclesiastical and formal government ceremonial, special officials may carry a wand of office or staff of office representing their power, like the staff of a field marshal in the army. Compare in this context the function of the ceremonial mace, the sceptre, and the staff of office. The ancient, extremely difficult to find Book of San Ciprián (aka Ciprianillo) gives step-by-step instructions on how to make a magic wand. The rod of Moses was a hazel wand. In catacomb frescoes of the third and fourth centuries, Christ is frequently represented performing miracles by means of a wand. In Zoroastrianism, there is a similar ritual implement called a barsom.


Freudian inspired psychologists would suggest that wands may express phallic symbolism of domination and power, but there are many other symbolic relationships. A wand is a pointer, a drumstick for a shaman, a guide, a magical instrument, a talking stick and its form can have many symbolic meanings. Often the is a pointed side and a rounded side and apart from the pointing function, the symbolism is that the pointy part indicates our will, our intention, pointing at something, goal oriented, in fact the essence of the magical act. The rounded part, sometimes a crystal ball, is the being, the mystical, the receiving end, the opposite of the becoming of the point. Then the body in between represents our body, also the connection between being and becoming. In our special designed Power Sticks we emphasize this symbolism by inserting some pure gold nuggets into the ball, indicating the Higher Self or Soul that is in our inner core of being.


Form and materials: correspondences

Magic wands can be used to throw spells, conjure apparitions, cast circles and do whatever a sorcerer wants to do. There are old magic books, in French called “Grimoires” that describe these uses, but most books about witchcraft deal with this too. The handling and moves with the wand, the combination with the right words or spells, the necessary mindset and intentions, this craft goes back to prehistoric days. One of the practical uses is to use the wands, especially if it is made of crystal, for healing. Crystal helps to direct the energy, like in Reiki. The form and materials of the wand or stick are usually chosen to match the use, all in the context of what in magic are called “correspondences”. Those are connections between “worlds” or links between sets of symbols, ideas, gestures, sounds and words, celestial bodies, but in fact between whole categories of tangible and intangible items. Size, name, appearance, frequency, location, ownership, there are many such links. The general idea is that what happens to one of them happens to the other, there is a correspondence as to the effect of a manipulation, blessing, dedication or any other ritual operation. These correspondences are based on similarities, sometimes very obvious ones, like the color red for blood, love, Mars, fire, and red gemstones. Other correspondence are more of an esoteric nature, like the sets of correspondences based on numbers. Deep metaphysical, mathematical and numerological links have been found or constructed, often beyond the comprehension of those working with them and sometimes the correspondences just survive in certain rituals without an apparent rationale. However, shamans, priests and such are usually aware about the concept of correspondences, honour the tradition and therefore often stick to it rigorously, as they are not sure about the exact effects.


Depending on one’s belief system one can ascribe certain magical powers to objects like wands, knives and cups, but the general theory of magic indicates, that such powers would be related to the correspondences inherent in the materials, design, production and ultimately the use of such tools. Correspondences are links, similarities, relationships, connections in form, colour, appearance, name, numbers, frequency, physical proximity between forces or ideas in the material realm and those in the ideal or nonmaterial and symbolical realms.

Correspondences - as the basis of magic and ritual - date back to the earliest human activities. Wherever our ancestors were involved in ritual or spiritual activities we find totems, holy objects, similacrums and facsimiles. Little statuettes representing animals, deities, age old rock drawings using symbols we can recognise today as representing the sun, water, stars and planets, correspondences are of all times and all cultures. Even the oldest myths, stories and scriptures like the Veda’s and the Avesta are full of correspondences, using sometimes very obvious ones like the colour red for fire, sometimes we have lost the meaning or underlying significance of the correspondences hinted at.

These correspondences are numerous and classification is cumbersome, many socalled grimoires or sorcery books deal exclusively with correspondences. However, over time the magical literature has yielded enough structures and matrices classifying the relationships between numbers, stones, metals, colors, the planets, animals and such. There are extensive lists tying specific zodiac signs to certain minerals and crystals, flowers, herbs, trees and animals. These can be used to choose the material used in the personalised power stick as provided by us or help you select one form our catalog.


The design of a magic wand is therefore not an accident, the materials, forms and dimensions are chosen in a specific way, often based on a tradition, sometimes on ad-hoc inspiration or guidance.

Use for healing: Reiki

Healing sticks are used in the Tibetan and Indian tradition, often used in a so-called 7 chakra design, having a set of (semi)-precious stones or gems associated with the 7 traditional chakras. These gems can be  set on the body of the wand or used as ornaments, they have different colors, again there is a correspondence between the stone and the chakra. Chakra healing means concentration on the 7 energy vortexes in the body, situated along the spine and is aimed at opening and balancing those vortexes. This is often combined with applying the healing power of the wand and its crystal(s) to the nadis and meridians and powerspots of the body energy system.

The use of crystals or a wand with crystal tips for healing is common practice in many cultures and traditions, we mention the Japanese Reiki approach, where practitioners or Reiki-masters use a crystal healing stick to channel and direct the finer energy streams. The general idea is that the pointy side is for energetic healing of muscles and bones, the round side for organs and tissue. It is easy to see that energy is kind of directed by the wand and helps the practitioner to focus his own or the universal energy. It requires some concentration and “emptying” of the mind, focus of attention and some talent and experience, but using a wand for healing can be a great tool. It helps to concentrate and can bring the practitioner is the right mindset to do effective healing work, both in the physical as well as in the psychological and psychosomatic realm.


Wicca, Talking stick

A beautiful wand can be used for many purposes, like as a talking stick in circle work. A different use of magic sticks is in the Wicca  and related (Craft, Witchcraft, Celtic, Druid) traditions, where a staff or wand is used for ritual and ceremonial magic(k). The same principles of correspondence apply, but the form of such a magic wand is more diverse and although crystals are a common part of these ornamental sticks, the basic material is often wood, especially in a “natural” form, branches of trees or sticks that “talk” to the maker or bearer with some ornaments. Abby Willowroot is a famous wand-maker in this respect. More about Celtic wands and staffs see The Whiteoak Druid Order - Ord Na Darach Gile ~

Breac à linne, slat à coille is fiadh à fìreach - mèirle às nach do  ghabh gàidheal riamh nàire.

A fish from the river, a staff from the wood and a deer from the mountain; thefts no Gael was ever ashamed of.


Sorcery, Wizard

The more esoteric forms of magic also use the wand as one of the four magical implements, the other being a knife (athame), pentacle, and a cup (grail).. A wand is magical tool for directing energy. It is one of the four tools associated with the elements and corresponds to fire in most traditions although some say that that correspondence is a blind started by the Golden Dawn and that wands should correspond to the element air. The magician's wand is often shown with a star at the perhaps indicating a relationship to astrology.

The Athame, athamé or arthame is what some practitioners of ritual magic call their ceremonial knives. In some traditions, the athame is a knife with a double edged blade and short (often black) handle; other traditions require that the blade be dull, curved, wavy, or a variety of other specifications. The athame is usually used for ritual and magical purposes only, to direct energy; if something such as herbs or cord needs to be cut, another knife called a boline or white-handled knife is used. Exceptions include "kitchen witchcraft", which actively encourages the use of magical tools for mundane purposes to increase the witch's familiarity with it. Many traditions associate the athame with the masculine principle and with the element of air, though traditions associating it with fire are not uncommon. As a masculine principle, it is often used in combination with the cup or Graal, as feminine principle, and evokes clearly the act of procreation, as symbol of universal creativity. This moment is the central symbol of the Great Rite in Wiccan rituals.


Psychological tool

As the wand usually has a point, a shaft and a crown, one could identify these as symbols of the mind, the body and the heart, the mental, physical and emotional aspects of a human being, the soul being in all parts. In using it as a divination or focus tool for psychological (self)-discovery, a stick with a point on one side and a sphere on the other side can be used to focus on A: our “worldly side”, more magical and intended to achieve some change, the sphere is more mystical, more centered, no pointing at anything. You can use the wand in this perspective as a tool for divination or

Our selection set of wands

We have a small selection of wands to demonstrate the possibilities in materials and variation in design. This sample set consists of various models, available in materials like wood, crystal quartz, rose quartz, golden quartz, smoky  quartz, amethysts, green aventurine, bloodstone, moonstone, ruby zoisite.

(see the pictures) They have a regular price, but not the special qualities we describe below for the Special Design MPS-wands.

There are some practical considerations in choosing a wand. Although the clear crystal body appeals to many people, it is somewhat vulnerable and breaks easily. The more solid stones and wood wands are more sturdy and less vulnerable. Wood is light and appeals to many, it can be used in a natural form or machined, carved etc.


Special Design Power Wands

The more or less standard wands and sticks are nice, but why not have a special design, something special, something that arises from a purposeful design, a wand with special energy, made for you, charged for you, inscribed with your symbol of name. We have designed and ordered from our Indian supplier a set of very special wands, made for us exclusively, but not finished. We ourselves or you can add that touch that makes the wand your won, your special passion, your tool for healing, self discovery and learning about your Higher Self.

Based on the symbolism of the magical/mystical axis, with the body of the wand connecting the two, we have used high-grade crystal for the pointed and the round ends of the wand and offer a choice of material for the body, rose quartz, clear crystal, ruby zoisite, green aventurine. We have made a little hole in the sphere, which can contain a piece of paper, a hair, a gold crystal (nugget), or a very special commemorative piece. Especially (small) gold nuggets are special, they are both gold and crystal and a superb bridge between the material and intangible worls. We suggest that this insert , which is placed in what the core of your self is, your higher Self or Brahman connection in you, is charged and dedicated with some care This design is unique and allows a wider range of magical empowering with the wand.


Mindlift Power Sticks (MPS are thus very special, personalized wands, geared toward an individual user. As the name suggests, they are tools to help the mind exert power. Power over the material world as in mind over matter; it is maybe more appropriate to talk about psychological awareness and healing powers.

Choice of material and design

The choice of materials and design is based on the principle of correspondences (see above), where we offer a wide variety in materials and forms, guaranteeing a unique specimen, tailored to your personal taste, corresponding to your personal data and characteristics and thus the basis for a most powerful wand. These data could be your date and place of birth as translated in a horoscope sign, zodiac symbols, but also an enneagram personality type, a Human Design System horoscope translated in chakra energies, your power or totem animal, your name (or numerological identity), power words, personal, tribal or ancestral symbols, lucky number, preferences for materials, potential allergies (some metals give allergic reactions) and other details that you deem relevant. Our master artists will use this information to pick a design and material that resonate optimally with you. Please provide, in your request for an MPS wand, the necessary data, additional details and preferences, so that we can offer you an appropriate design and quote you an acceptable price.


The general approach for making power sticks and similar magical objects is to combine representations or specimens from the various worlds into one object or artefact. When we use the word worlds here, this is a rather general indication, there are many ways to divide the seen and the unseen creation into worlds, levels or dimensions. As an example used often in the design of powersticks there is the world of minerals (stones, crystals, metals), the world of plants and trees (flower, wood, herbs), the world of animals (bones, fur, shells, feathers), the world of sentient beings, the world of ideas or symbols (a name, graph, a pattern), in fact one can make many world constructions. The basic elements earth, water, fire and air (with ether as the invisible component) can be represented by earth elements, fish bones of fossils, precious stones with a fiery nature, feathers or birds’ bones for the air, a meteorite for ether.


There are practical and financial limits to the materials and design you choose, using a 5 carat diamond on top of your wand would not be an everyday choice and as there needs to be some physical strength and rigidity to your wand too, not all combinations are possible.


The main choice would be the crystal on the tip of the wand. Its size, quality, origin and charge are important, but most of all it should resonate with the bearer and his or her intention and dedication. The material value is less important, a small but appropriate stone with the right kind of permanent or incidental charge can do the job, an expensive gem might be useless. Once the primary crystal is chosen, the rest of the structure follows in a more or less logical structure, usually with a wood, stone or metal piece as the carrier of the other materials. 


Traditionally, the magic tools one chooses and uses should be as personal as possible and in some tradition it is emphasised, that one actually picks and works the raw material in order to create an effective tool. However, in our modern world most people don’t have access to the raw materials or have a limited selection. The MPS wands are produced in such a way, that an individual has a large influence on the materials and design and can pick and choose what suits him or her best, thus allowing for a personalised result.


The unique approach of MPS production is that we use your personal preferences and correspondences to combine specific materials into a design, that fits you and ‘resonates’ optimally with your personality, your soul and your innermost design and ambitions. This produces a basic tool, that you yourself then can enhance and dedicate or if you prefer, use the empowerment options Mindlift provides.

The empowerment options

Apart from the physical quality of the MPS, the choice of materials, the workmanship and the design, there are a number of qualities and options that make each one of these sticks unique and enhance their power. You can do this yourself, als “powerful”people you know to do it for you, or ask us to do the naming/empowering/charging. We mention:


A: The empowerment treatment , that comes with the careful production and design

B: The possibilities for additional personalisation and naming

C: The option to insert additional ‘sacred’ items, materials and power-totems

D: The option to charge the wand, with a link to otherdimensional energies

E: The option to anchor experiential, emotional or healing information, events and experiences

F: Radionics and frequency-related circuitry and dimensions

A: power enhancements

After the physical production, where loving craftsmanship, deliberate choice of materials and artistic inspiration already add ‘love-power’; there are a number of procedures one can choose from that would enhance the power of the wand. These would be additional to the standard procedure of ‘cleaning’ the wand after production, by exposing it to moonlight, sunlight and streaming water, thereby removing any unwanted contamination at the material and ethereal level.

One can choose from the following ritual empowering procedures or execute those or similar ones oneself.

·                        I:      standard dedication/consecration to the forces of nature, the four corners, seven directions.

·                        II:    personal dedication to a purpose or energy you as the principal specify

·                        III:   very specific healing or other powers, upon special request and for which we would need a ‘personal witness’ sample like a hair.

·                        IV:   site related empowerment; a wand could be taken to sacred places like the Ganges or other holy rivers, the Pyramids, Delphi, certain temples or places of power like Sedona or materials from those places could be used.

B: Additional personalisation or naming

Some people would like to enhance the identity of their wand by giving it a name (at a consecration ceremony), by inscribing certain personal symbols or patters. This can be done during production or you can arrange this yourself. An option we offer is an embroidered wrapping or pouch, we can provide also wooden boxes with your name or the name of the power stick. All MPS wands come with a beautiful bag anyway, for protection and safekeeping. The energy a wand radiates needs to be respected and cared for.

C: Inserts

In some designs we include a ‘secret’ hidden space to insert additional personal items, texts, amulets, magic numbers or squares of number, dedications, homeopathic enhancers for healing purposes, precious stones, totems and such. These can be actual parts, a hair, nail, some ash, earth or a small stone from a temple ground, but also have a more symbolic “correspondence”, what matters is the resonance with the bearer or the intended use of the stick.

D: Energy charging

Interdimensional charging by qualified mages, imbuing specific or general positive energies, protection, love, connection to specific entities, deities, powers. This is a rather sensitive process and involves personal communication and sometimes physical ‘witness’ material.

E: Anchoring experiences or events.

Sometimes such a wand is purchased or given to mark a special event or happening, a marriage, initiation and such and can be marked with a date or other indication of the event or occasion. At a psycho-ritual or neurolinguistic level, the handing over or dedication of a wand is an ‘anchored’ experience, touching the wand will bring back the memory and state of mind of that event.

F: Radionics

Radionics is a technology that uses specific frequencies, dimensions, patterns, numbers and circuitry for healing and various mind-matter applications. It is not like the sorcery of the past, but rather a precise method, based on research and proofing. Electric and magnetic circuits, but also symbolic circuitry play a role in Radionics and could be part of the and design. These are not to generate electronic light and sound effects, but serve healing and balancing purposes. 

Your wand, your choice

We offer you a choice of materials, size and design and will produce an artefact that suits you as best as we can. Do realise however, that the size, color and quality of certain materials form nature is a given fact, so that the end result can deviate slightly. Also, you might get a wand that at face value isn’t the combination or doesn’t have the vibration you expected, but in fact is precisely what you need. The universe, that guides you and us, has its own ways to drive some messages home!


We supply, with each MPS wand, a certificate of authenticity, indicating the name of the artist that designed and produced the specimen, the name, birth date and other data of the principal and the level and direction of the dedication given to it, with a numerical value for the power it exudes. You are of course free to transfer, sell or present your MPS-wand to another person, but it is advisable to then send us back the certificate, we would provide a new certificate backing up the transfer and rededication to a new owner.

In the case of our specially charged and personalised wands, we advise not to transfer it to another person.



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