Charge of the circle

All are welcome


The circle has no beginning and no end, it has no time and existence but for the attention we give it.


Its charge, its call for us is to live in the now, to be present and to share, so we will become one in love and truth.


Welcome the energy of the four quarters, the air in the east, the fire in the south, the water in the west and the earth in the north. Let us also honour the spirit of the central axis, which connects us to the universe, allowing us to overview and accept our humanness.


A circle is perfect and we can hold it to its promise of perfection and renewal, again and again, so we can always and now forgive ourselves and start anew.


Celebrate in this circle the connectedness, which includes us here, the seen and the unseen, the worlds of matter, ideas and spirit, our past and our future, our fears and our dreams.


The circle will help us to connect our heart, our body and our mind energies, so that feeling, sensing and  thinking join in the intuition of our common roots and destination.


Connect now by holding each others hands and softly hum the song of the origin, the sound of the universe, the Ohm, which reminds us that what is within, is also without. All is one!



May 2003 by Luc Sala