Academy of Original Wisdom

a purposeful spiritual centre




The study of magic, ritual and the correspondences to the extradimensional realm deserves more attention, understanding how the daily reality is influenced and influences the intangible realm is essential if we are to deal effectively with the ecological, economic and social crisis this world has gotten into.

This outlines a plan to establish a facility to teach, study and research the original wisdom. The word Academy might sound impressive, as we are not really planning a university, but refers to the notion of an Academy in the Greek sense (Plato’s Academy). A (in those days holy) place were interested people come together to learn and experience wisdom, and we call it original because we don’t want to exclude any tradition and also because there are already many academies of wisdom. We (the Myster people) have, in 2009, purchased a large villa in Breyell-Nettetal, that serves as an initial platform for this idea.


Many people these days are contemplating new forms of community, be it as a spiritual endeavour, an ecovillage, intentional community, support community or just a place to grow old together. There are groups like Ecovillage and others that have actively researched opportunities and there are of course quite a number of communities like Tamera, The Farm, Damanhur, Findhorn, Ufa-Fabrik, Buddhahill/Nutopia, Vlierhof, Venwoude, Auroville, Humaniversity but alas also a long list of failed initiatives. Most of these places offer some kind of educational program, with teachings, workshops and work scholars, Esalen in Big Sur being a good example of that.

We are working towards a new initiative, physically or virtually located in Europe, offering a combination of teaching and community concepts, meaning it is not limited to teaching and workshops, but encompasses other modes of being together for a shorter or longer period, like retreat, creative sabbatical, workshops, conferences, but also just a second home with likeminded people. The educational branch of this facility we call the Academy of Original Wisdom. This is not the building, but the organisation, that will of course use the Internet, but might also use other places to organise events. This will not be limited to any spiritual direction or path, but honouring all paths, religions and traditions. With original we mean the traditions with historic roots, like Essenes, Christianity, Druidism, Wicca, Buddhism, Zen, Vedic, Tantra, Gnosticism, but also newer developments like Transpersonal Psychology and Family Constellations.


It’s good to emphasise that this project fits into a larger spiritual framework of people trying to give space to the divine core we all have, to live a life dedicated to become more aware, more conscious, not only as a mental or intellectual endeavour, but as a way of life. Living, working, creating in a setting where the inner child, wounded as it may be, can be explored, freed and healed. Where happiness is not an easy label, but the reality of meeting the Other, in ourselves, in other people, in nature, in earthly and cosmic “work”.  Non-denominational, not fanatic or dogmatic but sincere. Aiming at a supportive atmosphere, open and honest, connected with the world and the family of nature rather than isolated. Appreciative of all energies, in and around us, the seen and the unseen.


We have been working a long time on developing this idea of an academy where likeminded scholars, writers, artists and researchers would have a common ground, to work, to teach, do workshops, therapy, have a atelier, be residents. We are looking for partners, that means people interested to join, invest, develop, but also connections with institutions, communities, academies and individuals to exchange, to set up common programs, invite teachers and faculty, in short we like to tune into the network of likeminded people and places in Europe and elsewhere.


This Academy for Original Wisdom/ Academie für Ürsprungliche Weisheit, being then located in Cyberspace but for the moment physically on the premises of the MySTèR (my star) center (lodge, we have to find a good name) in Breyell ( and intends to attract a curriculum of healing, spiritual, holistic medicine, ecological, anthropological, esoteric and psychology courses, workshops, seminars, optimally covering a very broad spectrum. The exact curriculum will depend primarily on what the partners, those people participating and investing in the whole venture, will bring. It will be their Academy, their place to teach, study, work, research especially in ecological issues, solar energy, nature, biology, alternative science and meet likeminded people. The partners should have more than an intellectual or friendship link with the place. They should consider this academy as their own, of course with some organization and structures concerning the way it is managed and run, but with enough freedom to experiment, not only academically, but in art, culture, healing, ritual, experiential work, theatre, earth work.


Anyway, this is a call to battle, an invitation to join our quest!


Inquiries and comments are  welcome via and our website is and in German, in English (this)

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