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There are many books, some too old to matter, like the old books about 1980’s C64 programming, computergames, internet starter, and ‘de thuiscomputer’,  the BitBang (year 2000) book etc., books about RSI, etc. etc. more recent and downloadable titles are:


downloadable, but also in print (


Identity, the essence of manifestation (about the multiple identity in psychology) with Stanley Krippner, John Newton and Steve Speer 2017

Ritual: the magical dimension 2014, an extensive 800 page study with many new insights in how rituals and magic works.

Cyberspace Recon 2014

Festivalization, the boom in events 2015, about how festivals and autonomous zones offer an escape from the cyberspaced contact prison

Sacred Journeys about travelling inside with psychedelics 2015


sacredvoorkantcovertomas2juliklein.jpgNederlands/Dutch language

Cyberspace, het virtuele continent 2014, studie over recente ontwikkelingen en de anti-entropische aspecten van internet

STAIRWAY2 HEAVEN1 (1)voorpagklein.jpgRSI Muisarm en multisyndroom 2003

De Verbonden Stad met Luud Schimmelpennink (jv Till, K. Kuitert, L. Lindner) over çonnected city’ en diversiteit en mobiliteit in de stad van de toekomst

De innerlijke reis (over psychedelica) 2016

Virtual Reality (1990-2014) with John Perry Barlow, Timothy Leary a.o.




Er wordt gewerkt aan:

Update Virtual Reality boek 1990 over de technologie van 2018

A book about Group Mind and thought waves .