Solar Crisis: what to do?

Who let the sun in

(Sam's koan)


The heat waves all over the world are a dire warning, the earth is warming (at more levels that the temperature one could say), but why? Is it humankind spoiling its habitat or is the sun the cause of this? The sun as a mystical entity, the source of our energy, the inspiration for many esoteric movements, a God to some, divine symbol, the source of the Christ consciousness, or just a middle-class star that we happen to have amidst our planetary neighborhood. It’s meaning is diverse, but as we are suffering from global warming and other ecological effects maybe it’s time to reinvestigate the role of the sun. There is no denying that our human endeavors are aggravating our ecological crisis, but at the same time there are enough indications, that increasing solar activity (sunspots/magnetic) is at the basis of the climatic changes.

Lately, people like Al Gore with his movie “An Inconvenient Truth” go around showing how bad the situation already is, how global warming is happening and how this could affect the whole planet, how the effects are devastating. However, he is claiming it is only the human influence, pollution, misuse of resources and notably the emission of carbon dioxide that is causing this global warming. Now of course he has a point, his warning is to be taken seriously, but is this the correct picture? Al Gore makes a convincing presentation, but it does put the blame solely on the human influence, industry, capitalism, ecological stupidity etc. It is in fact a guilt trip and that, history has taught us, is a dangerous avenue.

My feeling is that the solar influence, the solar winds, solar magnetic field variations and sun spots have a far greater effect on the climatic changes than the human factor. I believe more than 80% of our climate chance is due to solar and galactic influences. Now this is not generally accepted, in a recent (Sept 14, 2006) “Nature” review article Peter Foukal shows that there is little proof that sunspots have any effect on the global climate. This article goes against earlier finding showing a relation between global temperatures and sunspot activity, and co-author Claus Fröhlich shows that there is actually no marked increase in incoming solar energy (TSI) in Watts/m2 since 1976. However, this article kind of dismisses the variations in 10Be and 14C isotopes that indicate just such variations in TSI (total solar irradiance), the role of solar winds in deflecting cosmic radiation and of ultraviolet radiation variation. And there are other scientist, who do believe that the sun is the culprit of our present climate problems. And when we look at what older cultures like Hopi, Maya, Vedic have to say about our situation, it is clear that the sun plays a major role in their prophesies and cosmogonies. Can we, accepting that so-called modern science is only a partial explanation of the processes and laws that govern our cosmos, ignore these sources and warnings?


Therefore the position, the role of the sun is central in what can be called the solar crisis.


What if older religions and cultures did not see the sun as our divine master, as a more or less supreme god, but as our care, our powerplant in the sky? An entity to reckon with, and pampered with sacrifices and rituals, depicted as the golden or red disc between Horus' wings, not as the one and supreme deity (Solus, the one), but as our care.


I came to understand, that in our environmental crisis the sun is the problem, not the earth. The sun is in trouble or at least has such variations in its energy and influence on us (the earth) that very drastic changes in our climate and maybe on other levels are happening and threaten to happen even more. This disturbance of the sun, by internal solar processes or/and as a result of events or conditions on a stellar, maybe even galactic or cosmic scale, must be taken serious. One could describe this as us (the solar system as a whole) moving toward another part of the galaxy, towards higher energy area's or levels of the galaxy/Draco stellar system. This change could be limited to the material space/time dimensions or be related to and happening in other, nonmaterial dimensions. As we are quite incompetent to influence the sun in our “normal” dimensions, there is no choice but to seriously investigate if otherdimensional means can be used. Be it praying, a simple magical technique used all through the ages, or are there other ways and means?


The psychological need to do something is growing. We can do our best in ecological terms and we should, but is there more. There is a massive guilt-complex growing. We are having problems because the sun has them, so we are not to blame, and the now growing guilt complex (in fact growing to be comparable to the millennium disappointment in the year 1000 when Christ did not reappear) is not justified as being caused by us in the first place (we do however have a responsibility for what happens and our role in the ecological unbalance). This is very important as we are collectively developing this guilt complex since the "club of Rome" time and with climate changes now becoming so noticeable, it will become a global worry and people like Al Gore make a convincing case. Rightfully so, as higher temperatures, sea level rise and magnetic/electric disturbances of the earth are very serious. But what is the real cause, us or some external process and what is our role in this all. Existential, philosophical and theological questions, and the sun figures in all of them.


Blaming this solely on human greed and stupidity, as the green movement and Gore tends to do, makes us direct responsible for the developing disasters. The earth is seen as an independent piece of the universe and we are to blame for not taking care. What a guilt trip, comparable or bigger than the Plague, the (1st) millennium disappointment, the memory and trauma of the great flood comes to mind.  However, if the real problem is the sun in its stellar or galactic wanderings or energy cycles, then the scope of the situation is broadened and new questions and scenario's arise. The cause of our problem is not the earth, it's the sun, or even beyond that. This is not escapism, for the reality of the solar crisis is real enough, but a realistic view in a wider perspective.


There are many and trustworthy indications, that there are historic global warming effects unrelated to human activities and kind of resonating with solar activity (which in turn might be influenced by galactic influences) (see Sallie L. Baliunas). The solar flares and sunspot activity as a gauge of the sun’s internal processes (or responses to even greater external abberations) are well documented. A Russian researcher, Dr Dmitriev's has pointed at numerous changes in our solar system, climate changes on other planets etc. and although his data are somewhat exaggerated, many others made similar statements, many backed up by solid evidence.


The underlying question is this: what is the real influence of the sun on our planet, on evolution, on DNA-mutation, on culture. The economy seems to have cyclic patterns that are in sync or resonating with the sun’s. One could even state that our whole "modern" technology is an inevitable result of increasing solar/galactic energy since the middle ages. Maybe humankind in the last few centuries just reacted to higher energy/neutrino/chi/zeropoint energy levels) and developed "rational" technology, thereby playing a role in heating up earth. If we would listen better to our mother earth “gaya”, maybe we would have understood more of the deep cycles, the magnetic disturbance, axis-shifts, the tectonic patterns and such. I think for instance, that depleting her of basic defenses like the oil/gas layers we are now consuming so rapidly we increase the damage the earth (and we) would incur. These are defenses that are/were there to protect against a major axis-shift, earth quakes/shakes, etc.


It’s a cosmological and theological question too. Are we placed above the objects in the heavens, as Christian doctrine implies, then what are our powers over the sun (and the stars etc.)  Not only our material powers, even sending all our hydrogen bombs into the sun wouldn't do much, but our otherdimensional powers (magic, religion, esp, whatever). We know that the magicians of old believed they could at least influence the state of our earth, and I believe that even today the weather, earthquakes and other natural phenomena can be influenced by skilled and powerful mages/shamen/priests. Miracles have happened and were witnessed by many, where the sun stood still (or maybe the earth), so what are our powers over the sun, at this time, when they are truly needed. Christian, Judean and even older miracle lore mentions solar events frequently.

I happen to believe that humans can influence very basic and powerful events like earthquakes and have done so (Hawaiians and Kali-priests would probably agree), so why not the sun.


In Christian theology, we are placed above the other “created” phenomena and thus above ”the sun and the celestial bodies. Is this an outdated defense against heresies like the Manichean, where St Augustin was fighting their notion of a divine sun. Or is there more to it. I feel that the situation of the sun and its effect on us should be studied with a new perspective, maybe even in a new paradigm. Beyond man as a machine, man as a computer, man as a ecological devil, maybe we can look at man in his relation to the celestial forces again (full circle, the oldest religions did so, especially Vedic cosmology (Bhagavatam canto 5) has a vast and complex image of the material and the immaterial (superdimensionals) cosmos.


In the new light of science and cause-and-effect of magenetic processes and earth/sun relationships we maybe have to reverses the notion of the sun as a divine force, it rather makes it our nuclear power plant and heater. And if we assume there are other (nonmaterial) dimensions, maybe the visible sun is a rather simple phenomenon, a basis nuclear power process serving the (our) material world with heat and a gravitational center. This notwithstanding the spiritual image of the sun, with quite different characteristics. As a believer in otherdimensional powers and relationships, I then ask myself, what influence do we have over the sun. Again looking at the ancient rites as sun-appeasing or sun-serving rather than sun-worshipping

Now the church (theology) has always fought the notion of a divine sun (and planets) and places man above these phenomena. But I assumed (believed) they did so to fight the notion of a divine sun god, necessary in historical times when sun, moon etc. were seen as "nature gods".  But was this really how the Egyptians, Maya’s, Mithraists, proto-Iranians, Zoroastrians saw it. Making the sun the supreme deity, like in the Sol Invictus cult of the short lived Roman Emperor El(i)abagus or under Akhnaton, has certainly happened, but was it a constant factor? Weren't many of these old religions in fact serving/appeasing their power plant, in a way that seemed (or was) appropriate or effective to them.


Then, if the sun is not the supreme god, but just, as Augustine stated in his struggle against the Manicheans (sun worshippers) “created” and thus not worthy of divine admiration, what powers do we have over the sun (and stars). What is our role as humans versus the sun (or suns, even the Romans had 5 different Sun-deities, the Maya's and other American Indians talk about 5 suns in our past).


Anyway, I feel a renewed interest in the theories of Blavatsky, Steiner, Velikosfski, Ouspenski, Goethe, Hubbard, Cotterel (Maya timescale) and the ideas of science fiction writers that so often were like prescient of actual development, the interpretation of Stonehenge and other megalithic structures, the apocalyse as a broad theme, in sun worships, in sun symbolism, in interdimensional science (aka magic or religion) has sprung up, even the question of contact with species like  dolphins to learn more about the history of the earth, Atlantis, Lemuria, civilizations that were destroyed, maybe because of similar solar crises, etc. And what about a direct experience of the sun, someone told me that being in the dark for several days he developed a new and deep relationship with this giver of light.

My view of history has tilted a bit, and I am looking for confirmations, additional insights and partners in this quest for deeper truth. A truth or wisdom that might result from study (interpreting the core Ya Evam Veda of the Veda's as "knowledge brings power") or is the inverse also true. Will power as in being one, being initiated, being enlightened bring the knowledge of the correspondencies (the links and integrative aspects of seen and unseen reality) and thus the wisdom. Not unlikely, magic and religion are on the way back, but let's try to give them a solid a base in power/will, understanding, and happiness or its higher forms Being, Consciousness, and Bliss. (sat-chit-ananda).


The relevance of the sun issue, as I stated in the beginning, is not merely hypothetical. Apart from the 2012 lore, the great shift as predicted by Maya's, Hopi's, but also by Edgar Cayce etc. by now the ecological crisis can no longer be ignored and will have such enormous implications for our common psyche, that politicians, sociologists, psychologists and in fact nearly all scientists will have to deal with it. And maybe they will, as happened before in times of great upheaval, turn to the super- and intradimensional specialists, the theologians, the priests, the mages and (true or false) prophets.

 As the beginning of a project, I have made a proposal for a GOOD SUNDAY project.


Luc Sala           

Version 3, Amsterdam august 24,  2006




PS one of the positive reactions so far was (by Rachel) , that if the climate is changing, why not now start planting and breeding appropriate trees, so that when the change progresses, we will have adequate vegetation.



Fire is very earthly and exists only for about 400 million years as it requires carbon and oxygen, solar flames are magma, an entirely different phenomenon.


To illustrate my worry about the sun, a poem from 2000, when the heat was also suffocating


Orange Sun Summer 2000

Do you feel the universe flex its muscle

Do you listen to the skies?

Ten Thousand Seals died

Cattle perish in Mongolia

Rain on Ayer's Rock

Crops in Rumania gone

Afghanistan suffers extreme drought

Hunger for millions in India

Do you listen?

Do you feel the power grids stressing

Nobody seems to notice

The newsreader doesn't blink, his prompter roll on

Nasdaq rules

micro-payment is the new hype

the New Economy is the snake oil

Bits rule, e-love hypnotizes

Internet only gives what you ask for

no grace, no mercy

And nobody looks up

heeds the suns warning

sees the dark shadows of time

for this or the next cycle

twothousand-twelve lurks

is this the last call?

orange sun summer

soccer rules

hooligans instead of witches

the magic still works


the color is gone

we lost

heaven wins

orange sun summer

(about the hot summer of 2000) 





A poem by JoelFarb


GRIEF 7/24/06

Weeping at the destruction of the planet

is less violent than a suicide bomb.

We've taken our Mother Earth for granted

and claim we don't mean any harm.

Mindless consumers who pillage and rape,

not guilty if they close their eyes.

Wreaking havoc on blessed landscape

global warming bringing temperatures rise.

Inflated expectations on worldwide scale.

Global village may become a ghost town.

Evolutionary experiment seems bound to fail

Final outcome's meaning for getting down.

Descent into matter's lowest common denominator.

Ancient forecasts predict this dark age.

Human ignorance calls up macro-terminator,

Closing book of life with grim final page.

Acceptance, last stage of body in mourning

after denial, bargaining and rage.

Taking part in humanity's brief power journey.

Perhaps trial to be freed from flesh cage.