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Is there more to silicon than meets the eye or the screen?

I wonder, is there hidden knowledge about the digital thing that has yet to be discovered. Does digital magic exist or is it just the same old illusion on a a screen?
In 1989 Alan Lundell and I (after the Amsterdam Galactic)Hacker Party - ICATA - set up a thing called " Silicon (br)Otherhood", with the creed " we aknowledge the Silicon path". It took five year and many adventures in the world of computers, VR and cyberspace to come to a point, where I will seriously take this up. I believe, that Silicon, the gaia, chips and consciousness are not all so different, and that there is wisdom to be shared.

We have a cybercenter called Myster Kalverstudio (Singel 459, 1012 WP Amsterdam) with TV and Internet-facilities.

Now we could call this a studio or media-centre, but I like to call it a mystery-school, a place where Cybernauts with a spiritual inclination can learn about the deeper levels of  Cyber-consciousness and Net-awareness.
Just as the quest of the Alchemist for the gold from lead had a deeper meaning, the search for the ultimate web, the last significant bit or the killer-virus has deeper meaning, both on a personal and a reality level. Cyber-magic is yet to be developed, but it does have meaning.
Why not make Myster and this Internet-site a place to bring together the ideas, dreams and practical exercises? People can meet in cyberspace or in person, we have facilities like video-phones but also lots of space and opportunities to organise conferences etc. like we did the new Edge conferendce.

Now to make this happen it is not enough to spread knowledge, maybe we don't need the knowledge but is it the nowness of the net that will turn out to be the magic ingredient. Magic on the net, ritual meetings, geometric internet-traffic patterns spanning the globe, chain poetry in time and space, there are some interesting possibilities!
But above all: let's live the light.


Wisdom is not knowing 
but feeling the truth
Teaching is not telling
but living it

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