the Myster spiritual center in Amsterdam is about to close


We are leaving the Myster, Singel location after 10 years, and are now in the process of selling, giving away and moving out all the equipment etc. This is definitely the end, and we will have a party on Dec 16, Sunday, afternoon and evening to say goodbye to all who were involved in what was a unique place in the heart of Amsterdam. A place for fun and serious work, for television and therapy, for singing and feasting, a mystery in itself. Maybe a new location will emerge, but for now, this was it, no more Mystery, no more Meisters, a unique cultural-spiritual experiment ends!


o       Our website for Kleurnet video programs and spiritual interviews is www.mindlift.tv, also look at youtube.com and search for mindlift, there are old and new interviews with many spiritual leaders and teachers.

o       Bhajan singing is now at Golden Temple Utrechtsestraat Friday from 21.00


New and current additions:

The Guru list, comparing spiritual teachers in a very detailed way

The psyche, mask and inner child, detailed approach to how our personality works with lots of data about historical figures

The psyche d e li c s compared psimatrix, unique matrix of substances and their effects

The Solar Crisis and 2012, what is about to happen?

What have pyramids to do with the solar crisis

Al Gore and his move towards World Ecological leadership and is this a good move? I doubt it!

Al Gore as the new prophet, or is he the anti-christ??

The climate change swindle documentaire

Gold, what does it mean

Magic wands a special tool for Reiki and magical work

Fire ritual, a treatise on ritual and the role of fire

Boek van Juda, onthullingen uit de bijbel


There are many more articles in the links section

Address: Singel 459, Amsterdam (near De Munt) Tel. 020-6383583 – mob 0654987876 Amsterdam the Netherlands

For postal and after Jan 1, 2008 : Weesperstraat 180, 1018 CD Amsterdam

Heaven on Earth

There are many prophesies and predictions about what will happen to our earth in the coming years, many focusing on the 2012 timeframe as a moment of great change, both in our consciousness and in the physical world. Some prophecies talk about a great natural disaster, some about a consciousness shift, some about a dimensional shift but undoubtedly some major changes are in the works. Whatever those changes might be and whatever causes them, HeavenOnEarth chooses to act as if the new world is already here and that we, the people of the world, are responsible for realizing it in ourselves and in what we do. Heaven on Earth, no loose words, but a practical commitment to make it happen; to be there and here, now. Accepting ourselves with whatever message, in whatever form or energy we bring to this world, but open to exploring and relating to what is not us.  To honour, service and support our fellow humans, other life forms, the earth and creation in general; that is our mission.

Rumi: Come out of the circle of time
And into the circle of love

Click here for our mission statement, principles and vision

Activities & the ethics of action

There are many needs in the world, some are very material, others intangible but equally important. A heavenly situation would be that every real need finds its fulfilment. HOE sets up projects, circles and events that will work towards matching the needs and the resources of our planet, always aiming to achieve harmony, justice and equality.  These circles can be about healing, education, exchange, cross-cultural exchange, spiritual or ritual practice, futurism, promotional activities for HOE, support circles for other worthwhile and likeminded activities, ecological activities, community building etc.. Practically there are no limits to what HOE or its members could endeavour, only their faith in themselves and their capabilities and talents. Healing, not limited to physical or medical, can be seen as the basic fulfilment process of the universe, and a core focus of HOE. It’s about rebalancing, reconnecting, mirroring and mostly about love and compassion.

Healing Circles

Seen the ethical questions involved in healing, humbleness is a prerequisite. We need to connect and heal ourselves first, coming back to that place of inner wisdom, sharing what we know and need as if we are all still students of life and love, as that’s what we are. Practitioners, doctors, massage therapists, crystal healers, but also sound or rhythm therapists, presentation and awareness trainers, shamanic spirit guides can thus work together in peer-level circles, sharing and networking in a structure, whereby independent practitioners, associates and volunteers share their energy and experience and can learn to work together.

Subject matter

If you follow the links (right frame) you will find material and references to esoteric subjects, studies en issues. They range from psyche, ecological (the sun issue) to alchemical (gold) to health (gall cleaning) rsi, and ritual (fireritual). There are many video’s available, see www.mindlift.tv or, for 10 minute clips look at www.youtube.com and search mindlift. Feel free to use the material or make links. For more background info on Luc Sala look at www.net.info.nl or www.dealerinfo.nl


HOENU hosted by MySTER at Singel 459 Amsterdam and can be reached via 31-20-6383583

 or 31-654987876 (mob)  After that, Weesperstraat 103 is the best contact place 020-6203239.


email info@heavenonearth.nu.

MySTèR is a spiritual and community centre at Singel 459 and forms the base venue for Heaven On Earth in Amsterdam, it has facilities to rent for groups up to 70 or even 80 people, workshops (140 m2), full A/V and TV facilities, WiFi Internet, separate space for coffee breaks, massage facilities, is centrally located and has a very friendly rental and cooperation policy toward likeminded organisations. We also produce regular TV-shows for the local Salto TV-channel in Amsterdam and our material is distributed via thewww.youtube.com. There is a unique archive of material about spiritual events, rituals, interviews, beauty shot form many countries, in total several thousand hours, available for documentaries and productions..

In the eyes of the great spirit we are all equal, all loved and all with a right to be who we are, to learn the way our soul has chosen, and to live free and respected by our fellow men.



See also the http://www.lucsala.nl/ website

For email info@heavenonearth.nu or mailto:sala@dealerinfo.nl






The internationally popular (Baba Chris) Songstexts of the bhajans, more than 120, here (the Elf book)