Luc Salaís articles in English


         Ritual and Magic; an ebook in progress with series of articles about the metadimensional realm

This gives an overview of the work concerning the efficacy of rituals.

         Do rituals work, the efficacy of magic and how to understand it, a new introduction for the fire-essay

         Alzheimer and Dementia remedies evaluated in enneagram perspective, a positivist approach

         Multiple Identity Apps, a new breed of software

         Metasenses: measuring intangible energies, a new vision about knowing and being

         Trip to Bali 03-2012, also as a pdf with pictures

         Knowing the future; I Ching and DNA as an antenna into the future

         My Mondo 2000 and the New Edge movement memories

         Lucidity, a child/mask approach to diagnostics and knowing thyself

         The MetaApp (with Zarko Almuli) about the Apps trend

         Spiral Dynamics: a (limited) mix of enneagram and consciousness levels

         The Serenity program for self-realization

         The Butterfly initiative, looking for change agents

         Bovis scale for intangibles and Sacred sites ranking

         Utopia and alternative communities

         Just before the crisis: Waldzell warning 2008 about fear

         Guru's, how holy are they, a comparison chart

         Personality Typology and its limits

         Spiral Dynamics and enneagram

         The psyche, mask and inner child, a new theory about health and the lessons of life.

         The sun and Global warming, a solar problem and beyond the easy fix

         The fire-ritual: heavenís URL

         The charge of the circle ; ritual text

         The ∑psi-matrix, a comparision of psychoactive substances

         my poetry in English

         magic wands.

         Academy of Original Wisdom

         My Virtual Reality Book from 1990 with John Perry Barlow


On December 13, 2009 I turned 60 and made a kind of  status-quo essay (in English as a pdf!!).



See also and www.mindlift.tvwith a reference to hundreds of my videoís and the mindlifttv channel on youtube.

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The Cyberspace Mystery School: Magic Media-den, Cybercenter and Spirituality spot in one.